ARCKIT for Everyone

Imagine a building system that makes designing and constructing architectural models simple, relatively cheap, and clean? What if the pieces held one’s hand were designed to reflect modern-day building techniques, conforming not only to international building regulations but also accessibility codes? What if common architectural elements like walls, floors, roofs, trusses, columns, and windows were all single units that could snap together? What if floor plans could be constructed in minutes, easily communicating ideas to a friend, professor, supervisor, or client? What if modeling was so fast and efficient, it could be a platform for rapid prototyping, quickly and efficiently "sketching" ideas in three dimensions? Most importantly, what if one could just concentrate on the design rather than being distracted by the building process? Simply put, ARCKIT embodies all the above and more.

ARCKIT, an award-winning precision architectural model-making system, enables users to physically design, build, and modify scaled structures. With its series of interconnecting modular parts, ARCKIT’s clean and simple workflow allows for continuous modifications that can keep up with the fastest of imaginations. Designed with real construction techniques in mind to bring versatile construction, physical and digital platforms, an applied texture library, and an ever-expanding component list, ARCKIT’s possibilities are endless.

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