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Extended Notes and Legal

*Our components are either plant based or certified ASTM D6400 - 12. This specification covers plastics and products made from plastics that are designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. The properties in this specification are those required to determine if plastics and products made from plastics will compost satisfactorily, including biodegrading at a rate comparable to known compostable materials. The purpose of this specification is to establish standards for identifying products and materials that will compost satisfactorily in commercial and municipal composting facilities.

**Current proceeds will go to Project Revive. Project Revive is the first phase of a 10 year project working to target communities in disaster inflicted areas or in the third world with little to no available existing infrastructure. With an emphasis on Shelter, Revive is an modular panel based system that aims to create a generic, self-sufficient, cost effective, modular building typology that can be applied to various residential and commercial applications. Revive resembles and embodies the struggle to not only survive but, to thrive. It is a home that allows for a system of technologies to work in tandem, delivering a solid foundation for people to feel at ease. By providing a foundation to further address the means for energy, water and wellbeing, Revive delivers free and consistent security in the core areas that matter most. All in all, Project Revive is not just about creating a panel based system, it is about eventually delivering resource security, giving users a stepping stone to move on and bring positive change in the world.

Refunds and Exchanges:

 At this point in time we are not equipped to offer refunds or exchanges for our products. Thank you for you understanding.

Terms And Conditions Of Sale:

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  2. You should print or save a copy of these Conditions, your payment information and shipping confirmation e-mail, in case you need to contact us with any questions about your order. If you notice that any of the information emailed to you is incorrect please contact us immediately.
  3. We make every effort to portray Snowdrop products accurately on our website, but slight variations may occur. The reproduction of colors is as accurate as photographic and publishing processes will allow. Please note there may be variations in colors dependent on the calibration and settings of individual screens.
  4. We accept payment by Mastercard, Paypal, Visa & Visa Debit. Your credit/debit card will be pre-authorised for payment at the time of ordering. As part of this authorization process, your bank will place a hold on your account for the purchase amount of the order. The hold will be removed after a number of days determined by your banking institution. You will not be charged for the items until they have been shipped. Our payment system is based on the SSL standard, which means that your information submitted in connection with the payment transaction is protected by encryption.
  5. Rikysongsu makes every effort to deliver goods within the estimated timescales; however delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors.
  6. If the goods delivered are not what you ordered, or are of incorrect quantity, or are damaged or defective, please contact us and we can work out a solution in accordance with our Refunds and Exchanges Policy.