ARCKIT Model 9

Featuring Nathan Rennich

Project Details:

With Nathan's first model we began by going over the kit of parts and learning how to develop a simple structure. He learned the basics of using Arckit and was interested in doing computer modeling. We tested many different iterations for floor plans in a residential green home and finally decided on an "L" shaped profile with an extruded moment. As we built up the walls we though of different sustainable concepts to implement such as passive lighting/ventilation and possible material properties to increase thermal mass and "cradle to cradle" techniques.

For our first floor plan we have a supply closet/utility, an office that can be converted into an extra bedroom and a large open plan with a combined living, dining and kitchen.

Heading upstairs we have an open master bedroom, a bathroom and a deck.

As we were building we were constantly making changes to the design which is very easy with Arckit. We were able to quickly test out different room positions and layouts efficiently before deciding on a final implementation. Overall we are very happy in the direction this model took. With two people working on an Arckit project, the design moved very fast and it was exciting to see each other's ideas with open minds.


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Nathan Rennich is a senior architecture undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. Interested in all visual arts, he hopes to move to a big city after school and find work following a strong passion for design with strong social impact.

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