ARCKIT Model 12

Featuring Sydney Edwards

"If we do not change our direction we are likely to end up where we are headed." - Chinese Proverb

Project Details

With the design lead by Sydney Edwards, her first model revolves around a residential green home. With Sydney coming from an engineering background, we began the building session by going over the basics of building structure and foundations. We discussed different methods of holding back the earth to allow for a foundation to be built. We went over different types of loading and stress a house would encounter in a natural environment and how to account for them with materiality.

With an interest in smart architectural design, Sydney came prepared with several design criteria she would like her model to follow.

  1. An outside greenspace

  2. A balcony overlooking the public living area.

  3. A small area to park motorcycles or bikes.

  4. Two main bedrooms apart from the public space.

  5. A multiuse office or study room that could convert into another bedroom.

  6. Abundance of natural light and passive cooling.

She had a vision for a home that would ideally be designed for two roommates, offering a programming of space that would take a relatively small floorplan and create an open and comfortable living environment with the ability to accommodate guests. Both residents would appreciate a sustainable and a home that would promote simplicity. There would be a covered entry paired with an electric vehicle charging station that would a be linked to PV panels mounted on the roof.

Plan View: First Floor

Plan View: Second Floor

Looking at the floor plans above, we address the Public vs Private space through the use of two separate floors. When entering the home, one walks right into the kitchen and dining area. There is a small partition wall dividing off the living room while still maintaining that open floor plan. This partition wall also acts as a structural shear wall parallel with the staircase wall to allow the living room to have a large 16 foot ceiling. Upstairs we have the more contained private space while still maintaining that public feel with the habitable greenspace and lofted view of the living room.

View of Living room and staircase.

View of greenspace, looking in.

Angle view of first floor plan.

Angled view of second floor plan.

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Sydney Edwards is a junior at the University of Maryland. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in International Engineering. Her career interests are sustainability energy, smart homes/devices, and the technological advancement of underdeveloped areas.

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