ARCKIT Model 7

Project Details:

When I began this build, I envisioned a single story modern compact home that would cater to two residents. I played around with different floor plans and finally settled on a U-shaped program. I then broke up the space into public/private areas where two bedrooms are off to one side and the kitchen, living and dining on the other with a bathroom in between. I wanted to optimize the interior public space and created an open floor plan to allow for mixed use. When laying down the roof, I had the idea of adding sun lights. Doing this created a really powerful moment for the public area allowing for an increase in passive lighting as well has volume of space.

I was really surprised at how well this model turned out! Not having to worry about materials and glue, I was able to quickly modify and test out different iterations on the fly. I was able to just let my imagination run and see where it took me.

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