ARCKIT Model 15

What is now called ‘green architecture’ is an opportunistic caricature of a much deeper consideration of the issues related to sustainability that architecture has been engaged with for many years. It was one of the first professions that was deeply concerned with these issues and that had an intellectual response to them.
— Rem Koolhaas

Project Details

With the design lead by Sydney Edwards, her third model is another residential single family home. With an efficient programing of space this is one of the first models of mine able to accommodate a full family. The house is built around a central core, minimizing the need for excessive piping and utility networking.

She came to me with a hand sketched plan of her design and we optimized it to fit with the new Arckit 360 components. Again I gave her several criteria to include in her design...

Patio View

  • Central Core/Utility Room

  • Dinging Room

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Green space

Below are the plan views of the first and second floor.

First Floor Plan Layout

Second Floor Plan Layout

Second Floor Plan Layout

Kitchen and Dining View

Both the front entrance and the garage entrance lead to the reception area and living room. To the right is the kitchen and dining area. Further down the hallway is the bathroom and office. The office could be converted into an extended dining or living room for hosting guests. Heading upstairs, one enters the large family area where each of the bedrooms and green space branch off from. 

Stairs View 1

Stairs View 2

As I am gearing this project towards designing completely Net Zero buildings, I asked Sydney to research possible sustainable materials to use for furnishing the home. As students of the University of Maryland, we have access to New York's Material ConnecXion Library to view and acquire specifications on sustainable materials. She picked out various materials for...

  • Decking/Outdoor Green space/External Facade

    • Accoya Titan Wood (MC# 5995-01)

    • A type of timber that is gold cradle-to-cradle rated that is biodegradable, recyclable, low in toxins and is comprised of renewable content.

  • Glass Walls

    • Sharphire Ultra-Clear Glass by IdeaScapes (MC#7431-03)

    • Cradle-to-cradle silver certified float glass with high transparency. Increased clarity is achieved by removing more that 90% of the iron content which makes it a perfect material for natural lighing. With low toxicity and being biodegradable, this glass can be tempered and painted like normal float glass.

  • Structural/Interior Wall Panels

    • 3D ECOR Lite by Noble Enviornmental Technologies Inc. (MC# 6560-09)

    • Cradle-to-cradle certified three dementional honeycomb panels with heat and pressure molded cellulose fibers. Able to act as a structural material providing both water and flame resitance while being sound and light absorbing.

  • Insulation

    • Super Therm Coating by Superior Products International ll Inc. (MC# 6091-03)

    • Cradle-to-cradle rated, spray applied coating for heat insulation being low in toxins and offering sound deffusal qualities.

  • Carpeting

    • Eco Solution Q by Shaw Industries Inc. (MC# 3296-03)

    • Silver cradle-to-cradle rating, high fire resistance, sound and light absorbing, easily recyclable, low toxicity, flexible. Manufacturing and distribution from the US.

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Sydney Edwards is a junior at the University of Maryland. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in International Engineering. Her career interests are sustainability energy, smart homes/devices, and the technological advancement of underdeveloped areas.

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