ARCKIT Model 31

Featuring Zack Bishop

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Project Details

Today I present Arckit Model 31, a test build looking at half step topography and split level homes. As Zack's second model, this model was a great exercise in understanding foundations and "cut and fill." We started off by building the topography, planning for an "L" shaped building framing a pool. We used the Arckit half wall sections to to provide the basis for the half step up. This creates a basement layer that would still have windows to the outside. In the basement, we outlined two bedrooms, a bathroom and a utilities closet for the home.

From here we created a raised "crawl" like space, again with the Arckit Half wall sections, to the right of the basement making it the same height as the patio for the pool. This area would be the main public  side of the home containing the front entrance, living, dining and kitchen. From here we began thinking of the home containing 4 split levels that would seemingly look like just a 2 story home. 

Looking back at the basement, we created the stairwell added windows and then enclosed it with Arckit floor plates to prepare to add another level. While I worked on creating the master bedroom in the space above the basement, Zack completed the public space, dividing up room and adding walls. After roofing the public space, I continued laying out the perimeter topography to meet the the front entrance, while Zack walled off the master bedroom and master bathroom. We prepared this bedroom to have a sloping roof so on the wall closest to the pool, we added a row of half wall sections to create the height difference.

After the bedroom was complete, we go up another level to an enclosed rooftop patio with a side open the pool area. All that was left to do was roof the entire home and lay down the finishing tiles. Overall, this was a project with a random accumulation of ideas that worked really well in testing out new possibilities for Arckit components.

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Zack Bishop is a first year architecture student at the University of Maryland. He is interested in sustainable materials and design as well as techniques to fortify buildings for extreme weather situations.

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