ARCKIT Model 36

Featuring Zack Bishop

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First Floor Conference Room View

Project Details

Today, I present Arckit Model 36, an office building design made with Zack Bishop to look at open and shared office floor plans. Receiving inspiration from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters, the largest Net Zero Energy building in the world, we wanted to design an office space that provides a comfortable, healthful space for people to work collaboratively and productively. In a future Blog, I will be covering the David and Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters in depth but, for now Zack and I mainly took inspiration from the form and structure of the building. 

Second Floor Balcony

Second Floor Balcony

After some initial sketches we started off we laying out a large base plate using 4X4 tiles where we then proceeded to outline the perimeter of our proposed design. After some considerations in sizing we decided to build at a 1:75 scale, making the standard Arckit Unit 6 feet or 1.83 meters and the distance between floors to be 12 feet or 3.7 meters. Going off an "H" design, our office building can be broken down into wings as well as offer each space access to day-lighting and ventilation solutions.

For the first floor programming, our design includes a lobby/foyer, a cafeteria/eating wing, a large shared conference room, an office wing, restrooms, two elevators and two stair cores. Moving on upstairs to the second floor, there is an outdoor balcony above the lobby space, two large office wings and a multipurpose conference room. Roofing off the structure there are 5 separate roof systems. Two large angled roofs covering the wings and connected with a flat roof that spans between. Below there is a split butterfly roof with two wings, one covering the large conference space and the other covering a patio to the exterior courtyard.

Conference Room with Roof Removed

Conference Room with Roof Removed

Overall this was a great model in understanding the relationships between spaces as well as design considerations when building office buildings.

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Zack Bishop is a first year architecture student at the University of Maryland. He is interested in sustainable materials and design as well as techniques to fortify buildings for extreme weather situations.

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