ARCKIT Model 46

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.
— Fred Rogers

Project Details

Here, I present Arckit Model 46, a modern home design featuring large shed and a two section home connected together by a hallway. Designed for colder climates, the expanded surface areas and orientation of the home allows for the capture of the sun's heat. The two part design allows for sections of the home to be closed off with different temperature regulations when not in use. 

Starting off with a large base plate using Arckit 4X4s, the outline of the home was created with the standard floor plates to create a slightly raised foundation. Walls were erected to build a private and public section of the home and a narrow passageway to connect the two large masses. The single story public area contains a kitchen, dining, bathroom and living room whereas the two story private section contains a guest bedroom, bathroom and storage space on the first floor and two bedrooms, a bathroom and a Master bedroom on the second floor.

Apart from the main home and next to the driveway is a large storage shed that can double as an office. These three masses are arranged so that the most surface area faces south towards the sun. Overall, this was an informative build that helped with the understanding of design for colder climates.

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