ARCKIT Model 49

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Project Details

I recently went to a tiny homes exhibit and got inspired by homes that are able to adapt to various living situations. Built for a couple with no children, this home design focuses on use expand-ability offering up additional living and guest spaces with movable walls and convertible furniture. 

Beginning with an Arckit baseplate, I built up a staggered foundation that is divided into three separate sections; a central kitchen and dining area with a master bedroom off to the right and a living room on the left. The central area is able to expand out into a backyard patio space allowing it to not only open up to nature but, provide an additional dining or hang out space. The living room is filled with convertible furniture, able to fold up into the walls for a standard entertainment setting or fold down offering additional bedspace for guests. 

Passively designed, the home's large sloping roof faces south and can be equipped with PV panels and water collection and purification units. The homes orientation allows it to block direct sunlight while allowing reflected light to flood the interior. 

Overall, this was a successful build that made it easy to understand and visualize innovative concepts that I saw at the tiny home exhibit.

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Video Documentation


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