ARCKIT Model 3

Project Details:

I started out arranging my pieces into a rectangle where I proceeded to remove the parts of each side to pinch the space at the middle. This created the foundation platform for my Museum/Art Gallery. As shown in the documentation video, having the this base allowed for a recessed entrance. When walking in, the visitor can look right to see administration offices or a small auditorium that could display a video pertaining to a topic significant to the gallery. On the left would be stairs that lead up to an "L" shaped, naturally lit, gallery space. For this project, I tried a more modular approach using the kit of parts. This building features strong, hard edges that help create a linear circulation pattern and clear programming.

Sorry for the poor quality of images. For future posts I will make sure the images turn out correctly before I disassemble the model for the upcoming week.

I hope you like today’s entry! It was a different approach to buildings I wouldn't normally conceive but, I learned a little bit more about my kit of parts, granting me new ideas and approaches for future designs. Be sure to check out the rest of RikySongSu and also for my project goals. I plan to upload at least one model a week for 52 weeks. If you would like to be notified each time a new model comes out, click the "subscribe via e-mail" button below!

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