Parking Solutions Competition - Orlando // Snowdrop Update

The problem with parking is that it isn’t going anywhere.


At Snowdrop, we aim to design and manufacture simple modular homes. We envision these homes to help address the inadequacies of current disaster relief efforts and community building projects, both domestic and international. We believe in creating environments that meet peoples’ needs for shelter, energy, water, health, and agriculture, enabling them to spend their free time being more productive members of society. This blog series reflects what we have accomplished thus far and how we plan to advance our mission in the future. Follow us on our journey!


Updates Overview

This past June, a member of the Snowdrop Team, Rick Fairhurst, traveled to Orlando, Florida to present his work on the future of parking at a conference sponsored by the International Parking Institute (IPI). To see Rick's project, check out the link below.


The International Parking Institute (IPI) Parking Solutions Competition is a design and development challenge for college students around the world to express their rendition of The Garage of the Future. Four teams were selected as Finalists on the basis of their creativity, innovation, realism, applicability, scalability, and overall presentation. Each finalist had an opportunity to share their vision in front of the leading companies and emerging leaders of today's urban landscape.

As a finalist for IPI's "Design the Garage of the Future", Rick was exposed to a huge network of companies on site all interested in the future of sustainability and the demand for more livable places/communities and trans-formative/disruptive technologies. Rick made use of this amazing opportunity to network with various companies and share his experience with Arckit and explain about Snowdrop. 

After the exposition, there were two companies that were quite interested in the project and presented themselves as possible collaborators for materials. The first group was Greenscreen, a company that specializes in the creation of innovative and modular, wall mountable trelising systems. The second group was Wstyler, a leading manufacturer of architectural wire mesh with possibilities for smart home technologies. Both of these companies' products would be great systems to think as we are designing our prototype this summer and fall. 

Overall, the trip was very valuable in being able to see the industry's progression and thoughts on sustainable technologies. 


End Notes


Rick Fairhurst (RikySongSu) is a designer and cinematographer interested in developing and documenting low-impact architecture in developing countries, and addressing their needs for water, electricity and health to promote engaging and productive lifestyles.

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All profits will go into research, implementation or the purchase of equipment that aligns with project goals to create sustainable solutions for disaster relief or communities of developing countries.

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