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— Chris Riddell


COPIC SKETCH are a dual nibbed marker variant from COPIC and are some of the best markers available for architectural coloring. Designed to last a lifetime, they are alcohol-based and are available in every single color that COPIC offers. This means that there are 358 different colors, shades, and hues at disposal. Each marker has both a brush and chisel tip, capable of laying down smooth, even colors in a short amount of time. This is an incredible and diverse use combination. The brush tip is springy and flexible, very similar to a paintbrush, and is your go-to option for blending and shading. The chisel tip is useful for covering larger areas with uniform colors. Its excellent for heavy lifting while the other will be used for the details.

Overall, the Sketch feels comfortable in the hand, being ovular rather than circular. Its shape prevents it from rolling around when set down on a desk or table which is a nice touch. When out of ink, a refill cartridge can provide enough ink to refill the marker 12 times. I highly recommend COPICS and if treated right, these markers will be the last you will ever have to buy.


COPIC SKETCH Blending Trios // ALL PACKS + Blend Test


COPIC SKETCH Earth Essentials + Blend Test

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Rick Fairhurst (RikySongSu) is a designer and cinematographer interested in developing and documenting low-impact architecture in developing countries, and addressing their needs for water, electricity and health to promote engaging and productive lifestyles.

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